Medicasoft was founded in May 1993 by Alberto Meguira, Biomedical Engineer and echocardiographer. Quite naturally, the company was facing medical imaging and management of databases in this area. Several products have emerged since that date, and all are oriented towards the practice of ultrasound, since the media (EchoCardioBase) education to managing imaging (EchoPrint) through management account rendered (EchoReport). The software allowed Medicasoft soar and commercial development is undoubtedly EchoPrint, sold more than 500 copies. The company expanded in January 2000 and employs a dozen people. The main focus of development is for medical imaging the acquisition of images (video and Dicom) to archiving or transmitted via the Internet. Medicasoft works and works actively with experts to develop tools quantification in different areas of exploration human body. The results of this work and research has led to the measurement Automated intima-media thickness, the module echo stress and the measurement module in echocardiography.

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